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Simply Compete provides the world’s most comprehensive and battle-tested sports management platform that offers an array of fully integrated components to support the evolving needs of today’s sports organizations and their mobile users.



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Innovative business models

Are you interested in growing your membership by coordinating with local sports clubs in jointly acquiring members? Let us show you the unique features in our platform that enable you to do that.

Our platform facilitates the day to day operations of National Federations (sometimes referred to as NGBs, NSFs, NSAs, etc), International Federations (IFs), Continental Unions, National Olympic Committees (NOCs), Sports Ministries, and regional federations. We support the business models you want to implement.


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Simply Compete was founded by two seasoned athletes who frequently interacted with their sport’s National Federation and Event Organizing Committees. They understood the importance of providing a seamless and stress-free experience for all athletes when managing events, memberships and more. Owing to their experience and awareness, they have inspired the creation of a comprehensive and seamless management system while keeping the athlete’s perspective in mind.

Coaches and Officiating Staff

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Coaches and officiating Staff

Sports federations create educational courses that can be provided through our platform. This includes a variety of certification programs. Federations incorporate educational and certification programs to maintain the safety, quality, and standard of their sport(s) activities and events. These programs also become an important revenue source. Our platform offers the functionality you need to develop coach and referee certification programs and manage them easily with video, audio, text-based educational content, online examinations, along with abilities to do webinars and live video conferencing (coming soon).


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Our online platform will enable you to setup membership plans, collect membership fees online, set up online event registration, coach and referee certification programs, sell branded merchandise online, coordinate with local sports clubs to expand your membership base, and much more.
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Platform where administration of sports comes together

Membership is the focal point of the platform, built to support your business models including safe sports (USA), online payments, document verification, and more.

Managing Registrations and Memberships

Setup Membership Plan

Manage your events end-to-end

Configure, process and publish rankings

Educate, certify, and safeguard your registered members

Platform overview
Our growing list of features and modules

Membership database and online payments

Our membership database includes customized membership forms, the ability to configure membership plans, and the ability to collect and approve documents from your members such as birth date proof, address proof, etc. You will be able to configure memberships for organizations (clubs, regional federations, local leagues), as well as combined memberships with your local sports clubs to join forces with them and grow together.

Event management system

Our Event Management System is trusted by major event organizers such as World Championships and National Qualifier Events. The Event Management Module, provides the option to set up customizable online registration and payment, with E-commerce features to sell merchandise, create draws, schedule events, and much more online. The system enables event organizers to communicate/coordinate with participants and members via the mobile app.

Rankings and ratings

We provide a full-featured points table based as well as Elo ratings based ranking calculator that your staff can easily configure and make changes to without requiring custom software development. This way of doing ranking calculations enables you to have better control over the process and ensure that the ranking calculations are accurate and reliable.

Document Management

Allow members to upload documents, your staff to verify document validity and to use the validated information to satisfy criteria such as age and nationality throughout the system. These documents are stored using state of the art security, but they can also be discarded shortly after verification if so desired.

Online education and certification

Our platform provides comprehensive e-learning for fast, effective and valuable online learning. For instance; referee/coach certification programs, and sport port safeguarding education, can be made available as e-learning modules in rich text and AV formats. We provide complete support for hybrid educational programs offering both online and practical learning. Soon, we will provide the ability for you to set up webinars and conduct live events via video conferencing tools.

Organizations & sub-organizations

An international federation may have multiple continental federations affiliated with them. A national Olympic committee may have multiple sports’ national federations affiliated with them. A large national federation may have multiple regional federations affiliated with them. Our singular platform can be deployed into all of these organization hierarchies where the top-level organization and the lower level organizations manage their operations on one platform so that the data and business processes are all in one place for seamless coordination.

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Combine our modules in any combination you like or choose one of our prepackaged solutions below.
The lean package
  • Membership
  • Online Event Registration
  • Online Payments
  • Data Security, GDPR Compliance
The do-more-for-less package
  • Everything in the lean package
  • Organization hierarchy management
  • Sports club management
  • Support center
The whole works
  • Everything in do-more-for-less package
  • On venue event logistics
  • Results publishing system
  • Ranking/rating calculations