Ratings and Rankings Highly configurable rankings and ratings calculator.
Overview Abandon custom build rankings/ratings calculators for a reliable and configurable ranking calculator that is battle-hardened and ready to use immediately.
Features Configuration of rules for athlete ranking computation enabled

We provide a huge library of rules that can be applied to calculate rankings. So most of the time you will be able to pick and choose from the library of rules and get reliable ranking calculator for your organization. Our consultants can help you get going quickly. Building your own software for this becomes very expensive or you may have to rely on volunteer programmers who may not have enough time to devote to develop and maintain a ranking system. If you use our platform, the limited time of your volunteers can be better spent in establishing a long-lasting and resilient system in your organization.

Table based illustration

Users can view player’s points calculations presented in a tabular format for every ranked event they attend

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Athlete ranking profile

Each athlete will get a comprehensive ranking/rating profile that fans /media/friends/family can look at in detail.

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Head-to-head results

View athletes’ results in head-to-head format, to do comparative analysis.

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