Announcing the USA Badminton and Simply Compete Partnership

USA Badminton is excited to announce a long term strategic partnership with Simply Compete, Inc. Simply Compete will be USA Badminton’s exclusive service provider in membership management, tournament logistics, rankings, and ratings computation software (among other services).

“Simply Compete is instrumental in allowing us to do more for our members and save valuable time for our limited staff” says USA Badminton’s CEO, Dan Cloppas.

With the robust tournament management platform, USAB hopes to enable a vibrant and growing competitive tournament and league structure around the country. The platform simplifies tournament logistics for organizers. It also provides more resources at the disposal of the organizers to assist them in running tournaments–this means many more tournaments around the country for badminton enthusiasts to take part in, more opportunities for our budding junior talent, and overall, sustained long term growth for the sport in the U.S.A.

Accurate and frequent updates of online rankings will showcase athletes’ achievements to friends, family, and sponsors, whose support can bring them closer to the podium.

The United States has a thriving 7.1 million strong community of badminton enthusiasts. USA Badminton and Simply Compete’s integrated rating system will help reinstate competitive vigor into their play and enhance the enjoyment they derive from the sport.

“In a year from now, if we can say to those 7.1 million people that USAB has something of value to offer, and then turn around and build on that value year after year, then we will have succeeded in our endeavor.” says Simply Compete’s CEO, Sujay Karve.

Look for more updates in the future. For now, take a look at the club locator or the junior rankings provided by Simply Compete as a taste of things to come.

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