Kenya Taekwondo Federation Adopts Simply Compete’s platform

Originally published by Kenya News Agency by Mohamed Hassan | Mombasa, Kenya | April 17, 2019

The Kenya Taekwondo Federation (KTF) has become the rst sports federation in Africa to embrace a Global Management System (GMS). The GMS is a technology that will enable federations to collect, store and manage data of all athletes.

The system developed by an American company will help federations in the management, DataSecurity, marketing of the Kenyan Taekwondo sportsmen across the globe and resource planning and mobilization.

According to the Chairman of KTF, Maj (Rtd) Suleiman Sumba, the system will only recognize registered athletes and help prevent fraudsters from interfering with the sport. Sumba said ‘through the system, Kenyan Taekwondo athletes will be recognized worldwide because their information will be readily available at the touch of a button.’ He said the system had been recognized and is being used by the World Taekwondo Federation.

Sumba called on other federations to embrace this information system to enhance efciency and improve management of their teams.

“Because of lack of proper information management system, a number of federations have encountered numerous challenges including travel arrangements for their teams,” added KTF boss.

Simply Compete Inc, the American company that developed the system said there will be a mobile phone application developed for the system.

The company’s CEO Sujay Karve said on Wednesday in Mombasa that with the management system, it will take 30 per cent less effort and time to organize an event because of the readily available information.

Karve over the weekend launched a four-day seminar for Kenyan Taekwondo federation ofcials, coaches and athletes to familiarize with the new system.

“We have developed a technology to effectively manage our sport and improve on planning and logistics,’ said Karve.

After the seminar on Thursday, the KTF has organized a Chairman’s Cup Open tournament that will take place during the Easter holiday.

The Easter weekend Taekwondo Championship to be played at the KPA Makande Hall will serve as a trial for the national team selection.

This article was originally published by the Kenya News Agency (KNA) on April 17, 2019