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Evolution towards the Simply Compete platform

Le Moule
March 232022

This month Of February 2022, after several meetings, and exchanges between the GTFDA licensing department and one of the developers of the Simply Compete system, membership management and competition organization software, a 5+'ears contract has been signed between the GTFDA and Simply Compete marking the beginning Of a technological turning point for us.

The Simply Compete software. also used by World Taekwondo. will allow us to facilitate the administration of our sporting events, our membership system. and automate many tasks.

Therefore, we applaud the brilliant initiative Of the licensing department Which encouraged this new acquisition, and thank Simply Compete for providing us with such a complete and efficient system which will allow us to bring Guadeloupe Taekwondo to a higher level.


The President Of Guadeloupe
Taekwondo Federation
& Disciplines associées

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